For those hoping that the global supply chain crisis may ease in 2022, the untimely invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces has only served to complicate matters even worse.

The United States is reeling over record highs in inflation. In 2021, inflation hit its highest point in almost 30 years, as it rose 7% in just 12 months.

The number of workers quitting their jobs has steadily increased over the course of the last year. The mass exodus of employees brings about many questions.

The uncertainty of the market has led many companies into uncharted territory. while these challenges have been difficult, they also offer up an opportunity. Procurement has played a key role in the recovery process, and it’s time for it to play a larger one.


The supply chain crisis has been a focal point for the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic provided very unique circumstances, which have now pushed procurement into the limelight as a top priority.

For years, many experts have called for procurement to be fair, open, and transparent. For the last several decades, public spending has been anything but transparent, and that’s a real problem.

Webinar: The future direction of global supply chains impacted by the COVID pandemic

The tragedy of the COVID pandemic has opened the world’s eyes to the importance of supply chains. As we look to the future, we can expect technology, communication, manufacturing, and logistics to offer solutions that will enable more efficient and resilient supply chains to operate. Our session will break down the elements of supply chain which emerging nations must focus upon through collaboration between government and commercial sectors.”

Speaker: Irvin Varkonyi, CSCP, CLTD, PLOG
SCOPE, Supply Chain Operations Preparedness Education

Attendees will get a certificate of attendance.

Webinar Time:
Washington, DC, USA 10:00 AM
New Delhi, India 7:30 PM
Lahore, Pakistan 7:00 PM
Manilla, Phillipines 10:00 PM
South Africa. 4:00 PM
Accra, Ghana 2:00 PM
Lagos, Nigeria 3:00 PM
London, UK 3:00 PM

Please check your local timing at

Aug 11, 2021 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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I have just been invited to download a file that will be sent to me by email from a firm reaching out to MSP’s wishing to improve their sales pitch. If I was an attacker that’s one of the ways I’d be looking to get in and start a supply chain hack.

Question everything…or am I too cynical? Stay safe folks!!!

Invitation to attend: Managing Cyber and Compliance Risk In 3rd Party Suppliers Event looking at the benefits of supply chain security awareness, real time 3rd party risk exposure and current threat visibility.

With such a cyber security skills shortage globally combined with an explosion of supply chain attacks recently, this will be a very interesting event for those that do not want to rely on responsible disclosure from 3rd parties to highlight their security gaps, lack of cyber security knowledge, experience or manpower.

With delays in the supply chain comes the inevitable rise in prices. This article from CNBC interviews Tractor Supply’s CEO about the foreseeable future.

“It’s really in all facets of the supply chain, whether it’s back in the ports in China, whether it’s the ports here in the United States, access to containers and them being in the right locations, ships, truck drivers, obviously labor to run your distribution centers, you could go on and on,” Lawton said.

A few key messages:
• He doesn’t believe inflation will be temporary, despite what many have been saying.
• Delays in the supply chain will be here through the end of the year and probably for the foreseeable future.

Read the full article here:

What are some tips that you can think of that would help combat inflation?